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Your yard is comparable to your body in regards to the fact that it needs good strong bones to hold it together beautifully, and the hardscapes or concrete features that you choose will truly make up the bones of your yard. Here at Element Construction in Temecula, CA, we specialize in decorative concrete finishes, and we can help you choose the best structural backbone for your property.

Popular Options

Concrete: This often makes up the biggest surface on your property, and we use only the finest quality and finish to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting effect. Concrete is useful for much more than just your driveway and sidewalks, and we can also use it to design a lovely patio and creative paths throughout your yard. You shouldn't be expecting any boring concrete either because we offer special features that add a designer touch. Be sure to ask about our concrete work that is completed with truly realistic stone or wood stamps to enhance your outdoor projects.

Pavers: While pavers typically cost a little more than concrete, it is money well spent because pavers tend to retain that fresh, new look for much longer than concrete in the atmospheric elements of Southern California. You also have access to a wide selection of shapes and colors to match your home and unique style. We highly recommend stone pavers because these come straight from the mountains rather than being a man-made product. These pavers come in some gorgeous natural colors and textures, and we can cut, grind, shave and polish it to enhance it for any space in order to bring the mountains right into your personal outdoor retreat. Pavers are also excellent for the creation of outdoor patios and paths.

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Here at Element Construction in Temecula, CA, we want you to enjoy your yard to its fullest. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest Southern California styles so that we can fully assist you in bringing your creative vision for your yard to life. We also have some great ideas of our own for those who aren't exactly sure what they want to do. Contact us today, and we will get a quick start on developing your outdoor space.

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