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Southern California's beautiful weather is just perfect for spending lots of time in your own yard, and you'll want to do just that once you've had it beautifully landscaped. You can have the wonderful yard that you've always wanted by combining your vision with our professional landscaping services. With over 20 years of landscape-construction experience here at Element Construction, we have an eye for the very best ways to improve your outdoor living space.

Popular Landscaping Choices

The Element of Life: You can add real life to your yard with the addition of live and growing trees and plants. Many of these will attract birds, butterflies and other desirable wildlife to your yard, and you may choose from varieties that sport lovely flowers and delicious fruits. We can help you select the best types of trees and plants for this area of California, achieve the live color pattern that you have in mind and see to the proper placement of each item when you allow us to help design your outdoor space. Our landscapers understand how very important it is to consider the future growth of each item, and they will ensure that each tree and plant is spaced accordingly throughout the yard.

Great Lighting: Your backyard living space simply wouldn't be complete without the addition of great lighting. We offer the best LED landscape-lighting packages so that everyone may enjoy their yard well into the evenings. You'll have no more worries about your backyard barbecue or pool party running late once your lighting is installed. The proper lighting of trees, pathways and structures will give your yard a feeling of warmth, allow your children to play safely in their own yard in the evening hours and provide additional safety and protection from thieves who like to do their work in the dark.

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Here at Element Construction in Temecula, CA, we offer these and several other landscaping services. We pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable in creating living greenspaces so that you may thoroughly enjoy the view while spending quality time in your yard. Contact us today, and we will get busy helping you to create your dream yard.

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