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The structure of your yard can only be greatly enhanced by the addition of various useful features. Here at Element Construction, we enjoy bringing the elements of fire and water to your outdoor living space. We believe that fire is a need in any space in order to capture warmth and enjoyment, and the addition of water is sure to bring about a place of peace, beauty and tranquility at the end of your busy day.

Popular Features

  • Fire Pits: These can be custom built for the ultimate in design strategy, or you can choose a very simple fire pit that has already been manufactured. Either way, the potential for great enjoyment is exactly the same. The fire from your fire pit can bring light, warmth and comfort to your backyard, and it's great for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. It's the perfect way to spend time at home rather than heading out to the campground or the beach.
  • Fireplaces: Nothing can provide height and balance to your backyard better than the addition of an outdoor fireplace. It can really bring your entire outdoor design together, and you can bet that it will be the favorite meeting spot for your friends and family.
  • Barbecue Islands or Outdoor Kitchens: Either of these will definitely add value to your property as it defines your outdoor living space. We can custom-build your barbecue island to fit absolutely any space, and our polished concrete counter-tops really bring a unique, one-of-a-kind element to your outdoor kitchen. We even offer many brands of cooking equipment to fit your budget. 
  • Water Ponds or Fountains: Water is always a pleasant addition to your outdoor living space, and there are many ways that you may want to incorporate this element. Many people enjoy having a pond filled with beautiful koi, or you may just enjoy the sound of the running water from your gorgeous fountain.
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Here at Element Construction in Temecula, CA, we can incorporate these and many other amazing features into your outdoor space. Don't let a small space stand in your way because we can work with any yard size. Contact us today, and we will get busy helping you plan for an amazing new yard.

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